Garlic-infused Olive Oil - 250ml

Sr. Bartolini uses the Old World process of cold infusion: He starts with a fine Umbrian extra virgin Olive oil, adds Roasted Garlic, then ages the oil at room temperature in wooden barrels to slowly coax out the sweet, slightly smoky flavor of the Garlic. Amazingly versatile: drizzle it over vegetables and cheeses, Roasted potatoes and Chicken, brush onto sandwiches, or mix into your Dipping Oil blend. This delicious Garlic Olive Oil is also GREAT for dipping! MONEY SAVING TIP: Because this oil is so flavorful, you can "cut" it, 50/50, and still have plenty of "zing"! (Orders Over $99 Ship FREE!*)

Garlic-infused Olive Oil - 250ml
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  • Manufacturer: Bartolini
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