White Truffle Oil - 1.6oz

Sr. Bartolini uses the Old World process of cold infusion: He starts with a fine Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, adds White Truffles, then ages the oil at room temperature in wooden barrels to slowly coax out the complex, slightly garlicky flavors of those prized tubers. Use his White Truffle oil to finish everything from Popcorn and French Fries (yummy!), to Grilled Steaks and veggies. We serve it every day at the Truffle Cafe, drizzled over our Potato and Leek Soup, and brushed into our grilled Prosciutto and Provolone Panino sandwich (served with fresh arugula). (Orders Over $99 Ship FREE!*)

White Truffle Oil - 1.6oz
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  • Manufacturer: La Buona Tavola
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